High School- by unknown

Who do I want to be,

while staying the real me?

Pretty and Popular,

where all I care

is truth and dare.

Truthful to be a bitch

and have friends to ditch.

Dare to fool around,

stay high and off the ground.

Talk of shoes, clothes and boys

treat people as if’re they’re all toys

Party all night long

Never think you’re in the wornf

Get in line and start the queing

to do what everyone else is doing

Drugs and sex every chance you get,

no surprise they all call you sket

Who needs prosperity,

when you have promiscuity?

Light a splint

then take a mint

you’ll never regret

because you’ll just forget

what you really wanted

before you took it for granted

Is there another way to stay true

and have everyone still like you?

Is there a way to feel alive

and still make it past twenty-five?

Can you not be a sheep

and  still have memories to keep?


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