Can girls and guys just be friends?

I mean we all know the answer to that question is absolutely, I mean you can definitely hang out with a guy and have it be entirely platonic.

However, I think it can be more complicated. I mean my friend Morgan, he’s totally cool, we can all hang out after months not talking to each other and it doesn’t matter, we can just have a good laugh.

But, another of my really close friends Ray Ray as we like to call him, well that’s slightly more complicated. We first met over five years ago, and it didn’t take me long to develop a crush on him, I mean he was the new guy in school, we hung out in a big group, and his personality is very “friendly” as he calls it, but I’d say flirty. Anyway, suffice to say he wasn’t into me and pretty soon I got over it. Well, until like year 10, which was about a year later. That was when we started getting close, and the feelings resurfaced and the thing was I had heard from his friends that he liked me too, so I gathered my courage and tried to talk to him about it, only to get shot down. Thing is, his parents are super strict, like he’s not allowed to date until after he finishes school, so that it doesn’t affect his studies, which is fair enough, I just didn’t know that at the time.

The thing with me and Ray Ray, is we’re both super nerds, like unlike most people in school, or at least in my friendship group, we’re like the top of the class, in maths anyway and so at the end of year 11 we started talking a lot more, and I think without all the complications of feelings (I mean there was still tons of chemistry) it made it easier for us to become real friends, like we could actually have conversations instead of just messing around. So, now, towards the end of year 12 I would say he is like my best guy friend at least, but it was a rather complicated route to here. I mean, only the other day, we were actually having a conversation about how we used to like each other.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

Hope you’re having a groovy day!


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